Pedestrian Safety Month

October is Pedestrian Safety Month

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) has designated October as Pedestrian Safety Month.  Throughout the month of October, we will share educational information and tips to keep pedestrians safe provided by NHTSA. We are all pedestrians at some point and as NHTSA points out it is a “two-way street”, requiring equal respect and equal responsibility between drivers and pedestrians.

As a driver, one of the precautions that you can take is obeying the speed limit. Not only is it required by law to obey the speed limit, did you know it is a critical component to keeping pedestrians safe? Obeying the posted speed limit provides the driver time to see, identify, and react to pedestrians. This is critically important in residential neighborhoods, where children are more likely to dart into the street without understanding the risks. Children are also our smallest pedestrians and more difficult to see, so as a driver your reaction time is crucial.

Driving over the speed limit by just 15 miles can increase your vehicle’s stopping distance to more than 100 feet, the same length as a basketball court. Those extra seconds could make it too late to avoid hitting the pedestrian in front of you. Increased speed also increases the severity of injuries including those that are critical and fatal.

As the weather cools down, especially here in South Louisiana, and we all head outside, join us at Fradella’s Collision Centers in keeping pedestrians safe, because your peace of mind is our priority whether you are behind the wheel or not.

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